Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smile by Raina Telgemeier

Hello, Good Night everyone :)
Today I wanna share about one book that you must read. This book is graphics novel that's SMILE by Raina Telgemeier.

So this is the summary:
Raina just wants to be a normal sixth grader. But one night after Girl Scouts she trips and falls, severely injuring her two front teeth, and what follows is a long and frustrating journey with on-again, off-again braces, surgery, embarrassing headgear, and even a retainer with fake teeth attached. And on top of all that, there's still more to deal with: a major earthquake, boy confusion, and friends who turn out to be not so friendly. This coming-of-age true story is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever been in middle school, and especially those who have ever had a bit of their own dental drama. 

This novel is unique, because it's main story about teeth.. yeah go to dentist, use brackets, and another another teeth stuff's and you know I used brackets too so, I can fell the pain :x Not just dental drama. in this book you can read and learn too about friendship, teenager life and how we solve problem with our self. This book so Inspiring!
Because I bought this book in Indonesian Language, so the title become SENYUM and you can buy it at Bookstore near you house, grab it fast!
And my favorites sentence from this book are:
"Tapi, hanya dengan melawan mereka aku seolah merampas kekuatan mereka"
"Cowok sempurna, setting sempurna, diiringi lagu yang sempurna pula" "dan kurasa itu takkan terjadi dalam waktu dekat"
"Aku berhenti mengasihani diri dan memusatkan perhatian pada hal-hal yang kugemari"
"Aku sadar telah membiarkan penampilan luarku memengaruhi perasaanku di dalam"
"Semakin aku fokus pada hal-hal yang kuminati, semakin banyak hal yang kusukai pada diriku. Dan itu memengaruhi cara orang lain memandangku!"
How's? You like it too? or not? It's depend on you

Thanks for reading!

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