Sunday, December 25, 2011


hai welcome back to my blog!
very happy to see many peoples know my blog now and absolutely thanks for visiting my blog :)
Okay I wanna say I'M FREE!!! although it just 1 week a.k.a 7 days but I must enjoyed it, because no more exam and study but.... there are many school task to do. yep it's suck! haha :p
Why my blog post it's about Greenovation? because on 24th December me and my group joining 125 Lombok Student Creative for Magazine Wall Contest :) And alhamdulillah we got 2nd place :) Very Happy :) and out magazine wall theme is about Green Innovation or we short it became Greenovation :p
so these are our photos

our 3D megazine wall

GENYENG : me, oi and ulfa (dena+ami+maul are not in the photo)
Talking about Greenovation, as young generation we must always make new innovation to save our earth from global warming, from that we breath easily, our children can see the cool world not the hot world and many more. Being green generation is have many benefit! So start from now Always Love Your Earth and Being Green Generation because The Greener The Healthier :)
And these are my Webcam photos, still Green :p Check this out!


Thursday, December 15, 2011


hello everyone! 
today I wanna share about this cute illustration girl. that's ivalfré , valfré is became from the illustration artist name she is Ilse Valfre she is comes from Mexico. Ivalfré born in April 2010 as a blend of fashion and art :) I love very much her arts because is so colourfull, chic, retro, and a little bit weird but it makes this arts so Unique! so this is ivalfré portofolio (absolutely my favorite :p) Check this out!


she is so talented :)
 you wanna see more? Click here!