Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rose Tint

Hello everybody :D
nice to meet you again visitors ;;)
sorry because I never write anything in my blog, yeah you know I'm so busy at this month for do my homework and absolutely exam -_- huft!
But, I'm very happy because today is SATURDAY!!!! and tomorrow is SUNDAY!!!!!!!! I LOVE SUNDAY <3
#np: sasya black - sunday #LOL

But, I don't want to explain more about that song, because I want to explain my new application for my Blackberry that's PIX TRIX ---> the application for editing photos but I think it just give effect for our photos and my favorite effect is ROSE TINT because it looks edgy, classy, and a little bit retro, perfect!
and this is my photos using Pit Trix!!! hope you like it visitors!!!!

Okaaay,  I think that's all my post in this Saturday Nite! I want to enjoy my single life ;;) hahaha :D
Goodbye visitors :) Guten Abend :)