Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kuta, NTB

Heyoo everybody :)
On last Friday, 23th March 2012. Me and my family went to Kuta, Praya, West Nusa Tenggara. When I arrived at there, i was so impressed with the scenery of Kuta Beach. Although I have family live in Praya, but I seldom go to there. So, I'm so happy at that time :)
Kuta Beach is one of the best beach in the world. Many visitors from many country come to this beach to see the beautiful scenery that can make your eyes can't close :p
This beach has a pure blue water, big coral, an unique sand (like a pepper), cute shell, big wave (surfing time!), and off course beautiful beach :)
Okay, so enjoy the picture!

half of big fam :*

me and my cousins :*
Kuta has many memory to we safe tight :)

Happy Sunday! Ciyaooo

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