Monday, October 31, 2011


hey everybody! meet me again \m/
TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!! why? because I can talk a little conversation with my favorite fashion bloggers! yes Diana Rikasari :D OMG can't believe.... :)
so these are the capture of my conversation with Diana in Twitter :D

thanks for visiting :)! good Night :)

grow old with you

heyhoo guys! thanks for visiting my blog :D
today I want to share a cute video that I found in Youtube, and I think this video is a dream for every couple in the world, so check this out!
-Grow Up With You by Adam Sandler-

Sunday, October 30, 2011

new friends!

hello, good afternoon everyone!
nice to meet you on my blog again ;) (hope you not bored to see my blog) hahaha :p
Today I wanna to share my photos with my new friends in my Senior High School actually, they're my classmates, Axlaretale :)
Devi and Ais
so, this is our crazy photos :D

I use Little Photo for Anroid to edit the photos :) Hope you like and Hope our friendship in the good way :p


Friday, October 28, 2011


hello again everybody :D
thanks for visiting my blog :) OK, firstly I want to say : "I'M FREE" why? because, I was finished my semester exam at my school!!! Yihaaaa!!! \m/
so now, I want to share some picture of me and I choose HEART as the theme of my picture :)

"Find a heart that will love you
at your worst
and arms that will hold you
at your weakness"

so enjoying guys :)

I don't know why I choose HEART as my pictures theme, but I just know HEART is a symbol of love :)

okey guys! thanks a lot for visiting my blog :D
keep follow and visit :)


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Sasya Dilaga is back :p heheh
So, today I want to share my crazy webcam photos to you guys! hope you like it! :)

get inspiration from @NiarNisrina and @anetBSQ

wahahahyyy :D anyway I use PhotoScape v3.5 for edited the photos :)
So, Thanks for visiting my blog and don't forget to follow ;;)




hellooooow everybodyyyy :D
meet me again on my newest post! yippiiee :*
firstly, I wanna say sorry for you guys, because I am late to update my new post, it just because I'm so busy at my school now :''' but don't worry, in this rock Thursday I have time to write again #cheers!!

today I want to share about my school events, that's JAPANESE DAY :D
Japanese day is my school ritual every year, at that day my school's look like in Japan, origami in everywhere and many japanese people at that time :)
beside that, at Japanese Day is held many contest, from song contest,a manga contest, speech contest, until harajuku contest. and you know what????? I joined the harajuku contest !!!!
I dont know why I want to join that contest, because I never joined the contest like that :p

so, I want to share with you all visitors when I joined the Harajuku Contest on 2nd October 2011 !!!
Check this out!

me :)


S for SASYA !

what do you think? I think my face is like ghost! and my friends said my face look like the ghost on Insidious movies -_______-
haha, forget it
oh ya! my partner in Harajuku contest is Ryan, my classmate and we are from Acceleration Class (so you know why I'm so busy :p)

we are cool right?? but I more cool than him! hahaha :D *devilface*
and this is my action on the stage *tsaaaah*

after all of the contestant walking on the stage, the jury that special come from Japan announce the big five of Harajuku Contest...
my name is not mentioned, it means I lose :( but I just wanna say Congratulation for the big 5 :D they're totally awesome!

Although, I'm not the winner I'm still happy because I can take many pictures with them :*

with my PASIFIC and Satoko san :)


with nisaaa gundull :p

with ami :|


with devi and ais :*


that's picture above taken by RANI NUGRA :*

and besides that, there are picture taken by my beautiful friend and blogger NISRINA HUTTI :*

and picture taken by YZA :*

and absolutely from my NIAR NISRINA :*

yeap! thats all about my post today, hope you like it :)