Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Afga

Hello everyone :)
Thanks for visit my blog :D okay, a weeks ago i was change my blog decoration from headers, background, and theme. because tomorrow it's my BLOG BIRTHDAY!!!! so I want make a new style for my blog. it's mean my blog more old. On my blog 1st aniv I gave red theme color because RED is Romantic, Elegant, and Brave, it makes my blog more dynamics and mature like me too. and I like it! hope you like it too :)
Today, I wanna share my newest photo. in my photo i tried to use eyeliner and eye pencils although i think i can't used it well..

vintage style

unsuccess cat eye

am i look like iffy? :/


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snap your Moments!

Hello everyone :D
Meet me again on April! yeah there are a lot of things that must I do in this month and one of it is Pensi. In my school, Senior High School 1 Mataram for each XI grade class must show traditional dance, modern dance, band, vocal group and padus. And it's make me so busy practice and think about my class Pensi. You know? It's the first time of me. Make me so nervous. So I want you guys to pray for me, for my class hope everything gonna be alright :) Amin
But, It's not my post actually. I want to tell you about Instagram is an social application where you can share your photos and everyone can like it. Everyone know, Instagram just available on Iphone or Ipad but now Instagram available in Anroid too, so now I can share my daily moments on my Tab and share it to Instagram!
Okey, start from now you can follow my Instagram Accounts ----- @sasyadilaga
And here they are my snap :D