Monday, March 12, 2012

memorable march

Hello everyone!
Finally I can write something for my blog :$ Since I did my Semester test, went to Surabaya-Malang and another activities.
March, yeah I love March.. because this month so memorable to me :)

 Start from 1st March it’s my Birthday..
Thankyou very much for your pray, wishes and gift you gave to me, I just can say thank you :*
Hope in my age now, 16 y’old. I can get what I want, no more childish again, and the important one I can be someone that always meaning full for everyone around me.

@AULIASUHUBDY and @raninyunyun


Then, I went to Malang with my classmates for 3 days, we had a lot of fun in there.  We were go there for study campus to see ITS, Unair, UB and visited SMAN 3 Malang that has nice student. And what I love in Surabaya and Malang, absolutely their Mall :p

Beside that, I got my study card or Rapor, Although my rank decrease but Alhamdulillah, the mean increase :)
So, I know my parent disappointed to me but I promise I will do my best to make you proud! And now I’m officially 11th grade

On March too, I did some crazy webcam-ing photos. And I think I’m weird.

And the last, I need your help guys to support me and my team in Honda DBL Mading Competition. Just like my Mading album in Chibeat Mading Facebook then you can Like Honda NTB Fan Pages to know new update of DBL and follow their twitter @mayohondantb
Your likes it’s very meaning full for us. So New Honda BEAT can’t stop the ChiBEAT :*

update 1
update 2

update 3
Yeah, March not finish at all, so I hope my day so memorable in March and another month :D

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