Tuesday, February 28, 2012


bye the lovely February...

thanks for everything you gave me...

and hello March, be memorable and nice please...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wanna be Bollywood

Hello everybody! I have a free time before do Semester Exam so, I used my time to fill this blog :p hehe
India, is one of most influential country in world movies. India's film can we say Bollywood film. Singing, dancing, running at the garden and hiding behind the tree is the characteristic of Bollywood films. SahruKhan and Kajol is the famous actor and actress. Beside that, from my deepest heart I'm amazed with Bollywood film.

me :)

How's? Is it now my look like Kajol? :p

Now I used bracket, to make my teeth more good than before. When I asked everyone around me, all of them agree with that. haha and now I fell hurt, strange, and uncomfortable with my mouth.
Much Thanks :*

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Flower Ring

Today I'm very tired and totally happy!. Tired = After doing my homework and another school stuff and on this afternoon I went to Mall with my classmates Rani and Devi bought UNO and Monopoly. Yihaa! and Happy = TOMORROW IS HOLIDAAAAAY because the 12th grade have a try out for National Exams. And I don't want to waste my time so I'm blogging here to see you all of my visitors :* (hugandkisses)
Today I want to share about my new accessories. Flower Ring. it's originally made by my super best friends Aulia hand's and the important one is free! haha kidding. 

the ring :)

(shy) me

I love everything that become from Handmade. Cause I think it's very creative and it just only one in the world. Special.

Sepia theme is match with the flower ring. Thanks for visit and sorry from now until Middle of March I can't blogging because:
  •  I must do the Semester Exam for 9 days fron 20th of February
  •  I will go to Malang with my class - AXLARETALE to have holiday with Campus Trip
Finally, I asked for your pray to me so I can answer all of the exam and get the best score AMIN! and my trip with my classmates can be fun and goes well. Then I can write again in this blog! Thanks all :*


Thursday, February 2, 2012

girls room

hello everyone
meet me again and thank you very much for visiting my blog
today I wanna share when my friends go to my house and we are having fun on my room. yeah you know if there are some girls in one room it's very noisy but for me it's happy time! cause I can share gossip, story and everything with them

Friends is always make you smile, support you, holding you, and never make your tears falling. so that's the meaning of friends.

Here we are @sasyadilaga @oliviazayin @nisawedestiara @tifasyilvia

for me, friend is everything. if there are 'end' in 'friend' it means your friends is not your true friends.  alhamdulillah I never get end in my friend

 thanks for visiting my blog guys. adnd keep do your ritual in the morning :p