Friday, August 5, 2011


hello people meet me again \m/
after several days I can publish my post again. yihaaaa!
still in the month of Ramadhan , I hope your fasting accepted by Allah, amin :)

Today, I wanna tell you about my favorite country, FRANCE or PARIS (?) haha XD

why FRANCE is my favorite country, because...............

world Fashion center , Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton , etc
has many Romantic places , unyuuuuk ;;)
birthplace of the Artist
the people in there so Nice, Mozooo~ haha :p
they have great Classical opera
the Education in there is good

these are my opinion :D and I hope someday I can go to there, amin... so I can see the Eiffel Tower one of the seven wonders in the world :)

I believe I can, with work hard and also pray :) because FRANCE IN MY HAND !!!!!!!!!!!!

see you next time


  1. hey , ternyata kamu blogger juga yaaa..
    waah banyak juga blogger mataram..

    visit back yaa :

  2. keep posting something unnecessary to read, love it!