Tuesday, August 23, 2011


halloooo every body :D
guten tag \m/ hehe

meet me again people!!! after 18 days I never write anything in my super duper blog, because I must do my job STUDY STUDY and STUDY so bored (n)
and because tomorrow I have an DEUTSCH  exam so wish me luck for do my exam :D
ok forget it!
Today, I want to share something about BERBUSA or BERBUKA PUASA BERSAMA that I do with my junior high school classmates PASIFIC KINGDOM :*:*:*
when I a student of junior high school, my class 9A every year always do BUKA BERSAMA but we called it BERBUSA on Ramadhan :)
but now we are not students of junior high school anymore.
although we are not in the same class but PASIFIC KINGDOM still do our ritual that's BERBUSA at Prilly's house on August 20th 2011 :D

our basecamp :D
FYI. Prilly's house is near my Junior High School SMPN  2 Mataram, so before 'berbuka' we go to SPENDU :D yipiiiehh

in front of Staff office

crazy little thing called 'crazy'

Prilly - Me - Tifa - Mira

because in Spendu held BERBUSA too, and I and PASIFIC KINGDOM considered disturbing the event so Mr. Muhammad our beloved conseling teacher ask us to go home :x hmmm poor us :'( hahahahaha and we are back to our basecamp, quick.
arrived at Prilly's house we take a photos.. take a photos.. and take a photos until ADZAN :)

like a...

me and mb ul :* we are look idiot on the second photos :x

mira - oik - me - tifa
photo again


again... ><

and again...

after take some FREAKY photos, ADZAN come, alhamdulillah...... then we having dinner, pray and.... take some photos AGAIN \m/ yihaaa!!!

new form of CHERYBELLE really..really love this!

thanks bagus :)

oik - prilly - me hahah :*:*:*
love them very damn much!

yeah.. we are so happy at that night.. and I hope that's not the last night we can gather, laugh, eat and pray together, until playing fireworks :) haha KISS and HUG for my PASIFIC KINGDOM :*:* ({})

I think that's all about my post, because I must back to my ritual STUDY :p so thanks for visiting and hope today is more better than yesterday.. amiin



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