Tuesday, May 8, 2012


On April 31th till May 1st 2012, my school SMAN 1 Mataram held Pensi (Pentas Seni) it's the place where all class of 11 grade in my school can perform their band, vocal group, traditional dance, modern dance, and padus (like vocal group but all member of the class sing together) then they can make all of that in one good performances. And my class, XI acceleration - AXLARETALE joined too.
At Pensi my class took Pirates Party Theme, because it's cool and unique. beside that all of us want to tell a whole of school that we are the pirates! brave, creative, never give up, and dangerous haha :p. On Pensi, I'm as Traditional Dancer and I danced Sasak Traditional Dance :)
Check this out!

Thank you Mom, for the make up and took this photo :* you're the best!


still opening

master of ceremony, Fyan and Ami. you rock \m/

I'm so pretty right? ;)

Traditional Dance

Vocal Group

The Band

very beauty :)

you rock!

cool girl!

the sweet vocalist

Modern Dance

for 4 weeks we was work hard to make our Pensi great. many unpredictable incident can we past together. cry, laugh, sick, always support, work hard we do together. And Alhamdulillah our work can make us be the 3rd Winner and my best Rani win as the best Drummer! Hip Hip Huray!

I always remember my friend, Rista said that :''Yang penting kita ihklas, menang itu cuma bonus" and you know what we got the Bonus! Bravo Axlaretale Pirates!
Pensi was held a week ago. And I miss that moment :)

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