Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goes to Idul Adha

Good Evening everyone! :)
I just can say Thank You for always visiting my blog and follow my blog too ({})
Ok, I can't wait for tomorrow, Why? Because tomorrow is Idul Adha, and all of Muslim people celebrate it :D at that time all of animals like cow, goat, sheep and etc (it just for Qurban animal) slaughtered than the meat is given for poor people :) 
beside helping each other, Qurban also teach us to always thanks to Allah SWT to give us everything :*
So I just wanna say 


And to celebrate it, me and my two beautiful friends OI and NISA take a photo session with turban as our headband like an Arabian's girl :p
So check this out and hope you like it!

Oi and her passion 

Nisa! so fun




Here we are :D

Happy Idul Adha and bye-bye Qurban Animal's :'' hiks

The story of us :)
Not only that, keep staytune :p



what do you think about our photos? Is it cute? Absolutely YES :p hahahaha :D
so, all of this photo taken by Nisa SLR camera and I as the editor of these photos by using Photoshop 3.5v :)

Oi and Nisa :*

Me and Oi :D

Me and Nisa :D
And this is us...
Sasya Dilaga - Sasya

Olivia Zayin - Oi

Annisa Woro - Nisa
Yep! that's all my post for tonight hope you like it, And happy Idul Adha again, hope Allah always bless us :) 
With Love,

Sasya, Oi, Nisa 

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